Our Story

Hailing from Newcastle this 3 piece Rockabilly Band knows how to entertain!!

Influenced by the timeless tunes of Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran and The Stray Cats; Bad Luck Kitty bring Rockabilly to a whole new level, injecting cheeky lyrics into chunky ACDC like swing laced riffs. All delivered with mounds of energy and gusto that would make Mick Jagger shiver.

Founded in early 2015 the band quickly gained momentum in the local Rock n Roll scene.The word of Bad Luck Kitty's energy driven, interactive sets quickly spread around. Soon enough they were drawing crowds into the venues and cementing themselves in Newcastle's music history. Early 2015 Bad Luck Kitty released their self titled independent EP. Full of their original brand of hook driven Rockabilly tracks such as Real Rock n Rolla Girl and Hot Rockin Moma as well as pop/rock driven tracks such as Booty Call and Sunday Best. The EP gained much traction in the Rockabilly/Psychobilly world, gaining airplay in several countries including UK, Netherlands, Spain and of course Oz. The EP has also been featured on the popular Australian TV show 'Blokesworld' in 2016.

Well known for their live performances Bad Luck Kitty always create a positive, energy driven environment around them. Whipping any audience into a state of pure delight and uncontrollable bopping. An extremely interactive band, you will often find the boys jamming in the audience or on the tables...You never know what is going to happen at a Bad Luck Kitty Show...

Bad Luck Kitty have just released their new album 'Afortunado Diablo' in February 2017 --- Definitely one to look out for!

Bad Luck Kitty is-
Adam Gear- Guitar/ Vocals
Rusty Rebel- Double Bass
Tom Blake (Tommy Gun)- Stand up Drums/ Vocals

Testimony: Adz Carter (Musos Garage official Journalist)
"If I had to use just one word to describe the second last band of the afternoon, it would be: Wow!
Bad Luck Kitty lived up to their name alright!The three piece with a drummer, double bass player, and a leather jacket clad, '50's slicked back hair wearing, Gretsch playing singer/guitarist made doubly sure that no one in the audience was watching them under false pretense, as the first words he said to the crowd were "We're gonna do some rock-a-billy for you this afternoon". After taking just one look at these guys, the statement was akin to seeing Judas Priest on stage and have them announce that they were going to be playing heavy metal. With a frenetic pace and blistering beat, they made their way through a set of (mainly) original songs, and, just as I was making a note of them sounding a little like Stray Cats, they busted out a Stray Cats cover. Brian Setzer would be proud of Bad Luck Kitty, as would've Eddie Cochran. The way both the singer and double bass player rocked out with such gusto, including the method implemented of playing on the dance floor, made for an extremely enjoyable set.'